See what others have to say about The Pop Vocal Artists Workshop

I’ve had years of vocal lessons - but nothing like this. I never truly heard MY voice until I began working with Chris Griffin. He is truly a master of his craft.”
— Sonya Glass, emerging artist
I’ve worked with many vocal instructors and Hannah Sumner is by far one of the best I’ve worked with. Very professional and very helpful. She doesn’t get side tracked or lose time. I walk out of every lesson better than I walked in.
— Adriana Nunez, professional vocalist
Working with Michael has tremendously helped me improve in so many ways. From singing, songwriting, and knowing what it means to be an artist. Truly one of best experiences of my life!
— Sam Gustafsson, recording artist
Chris Griffin has opened my eyes to an entirely new way of singing, performing, and embodying who I am as an artist. He has not only been my mentor and inspiration, but also a friend to whom I will always look up.
— Sam Jordan, recording artist
Chris Griffin changed my voice and life with his techniques and the way I see myself as an artist.
— Maira Labanca, Brazilian pop artist
Chris Griffin has completely evolved my vocal abilities and performance. Within my second lesson I was already more confident and expanding my range beyond my expectations. His genuine support and foundations have changed the way I approach music. Couldn’t have asked for a better mentor as an artist.
— Elia Esparza, professional vocalist, songwriter & YouTube personality
Working with Chris has made me so much more confident in my voice- I’m not afraid to be loud anymore! And I’m belting high notes I never thought I would be able to hit.
— Savannah Dew, emerging artist
One of the best feelings when learning voice is having a breakthrough moment—when you feel you’ve grasped a concept which has boosted your singing to a new level. After only working with Chris for a few months, I’ve had breakthrough after breakthrough, and I’m gaining a confidence in my ability to sing that I’ve never had before.
— Gabe Klavun, professional songwriter