All of our sessions and coachings take place in a private, top-tier recording studio. Whether you are a professional recording artist or an aspiring vocalist, you will walk out of your first lesson with a fresh awakening to your craft and the tools you need to fine-tune your instrument for the rest of your career.

Interested in learning how to riff CLEANLY and EFFECTIVELY? Book a session with our Technique coach Darren Fewins [seen below]

All of our videos here at PVA are recorded in one take with no autotune or editing whatsoever. Book your free lesson today.

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For artists, content is just as important as talent. We curate beautiful, in-studio videos perfect for auditions, websites, YouTube channels, and Instagram.

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Each member of our staff lives the motto of The Pop Vocal Academy. Those who CAN do, teach. Performance artists themselves, each member has sought a higher education of music and understands intimately how to tell the story of a song while utilizing a strong, safe-singing technique. 

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No matter if you are a professional singer or a hobbyist who wants to increase your knowledge, we would love to hear from you! Please email us for a consultation, and begin the journey to a more powerful and connected voice

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