The PVA Studios
Electronics Coaching Series

If you've ever wanted to modify or repair your own equipment, or if you’ve wanted to design and build music gear from scratch this series is for you. No prior experience in electronics is required. 

We start with soldering tricks that will turn you into a pro, show you how to make studio cables that will last forever, replace basic jacks and switches on PCBs that look like a factory job, then move into modifications, troubleshooting and repair over the series of coaching sessions. We also teach you how to deal with Surface Mount components and etch your own custom PCBs for devices no one else has thought of! 

Lastly, if you’ve bought a DIY kit online and need help with the build process, these sessions will be invaluable.

If you are thinking about a pro audio career, own a live/DJ rig, work in a production studio or want to build, modify, repair and update your own equipment, this series is for you. Contact us to book your first lesson for free.


In addition to being an in-demand record producer and artist coach, J Chris Griffin is also an accomplished electronics technician, having worked with the Harman subsidiaries Soundcraft and AMEK as a product specialist, gleaning wisdom through conversations with premiere designers Rupert Neve, Graham Langley and Graham Blythe. Chris was active and present with the Creation Audio Labs staff as it was forming out of the ashes of Harman Pro, receiving valuable training from Alex Welti and Gary “Sarge” Gistinger. 

Chris is responsible for several key modifications to the Soundcraft Digital 328 recording console, the AMEK 9098i and AMEK Media 5.1 consoles (as an advisor) and is in the process of modifying Engine Room Audio’s 64 input SSL G+ (2017).